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Bored... [13 Jun 2002|12:33pm]
[ mood | bored ]

it's summer....and i'm bored outta my mind!

been quite some time now! [16 Apr 2002|08:05pm]
[ mood | hot ]

Wow...not much has happened like trying to think of something but i cant...well our track team is now 4-1 at the moment! yay!! Omg i had an away meet yesterday which was like a half n hour away and lemme tell yea....that was one hell of a bus ride hahah! One of my guy friends were mooning people haha i was laughin my ass off it was so funny. of my best friends that i cant stand(i dunno if that's possible) was in a car crash...i actually feel really bad...she's alright but her sister is at the hospital...something might be wrong wit her shoulder! I hope she's alright though!
Well, in other n my bf r *trying* to improve our got really bad laytly and i got sick of it so we're trying to put it back together...He hasnt been his same ol' self laytly and it pissed me off so i told him and now we're trying to make everything better! I love him sooo much hehe!!! It's gonna be five months in a week or so that we've been goin my longest relationship yet! And my first serious one...:-)
Well hmmm what else can i say...i got my report card last week...A A B B B B D...a D in gym hahaha I'm gonna get all A's this time though i can feel it and i KNOW i can do it! High Honors here i come baby haha!
Well i'm gonna go and work on some shit....i'll write in more later... :-)

It's been a while! [20 Mar 2002|09:12pm]
[ mood | okay ]

It's been a while since i've updated this! lol! Nothing really new has been goin on. Track has been killin me for the past 2 ankles are KILLING me!!! lol! Today I found out what softball team i'm on! yayaya! Softball tryouts were sunday. Tryouts are only so the coaches can see who they want and dont want but everyone gets put on a team. Wow...softball tryouts..haha i sucked! Oh well!

I'm hoping my school grades will be good this time! I'm just HOPING!!! My parents said they give me a hundred bucks if i got all A's...hahaha like that'll ever happen...the hundred bucks and the all A's that is. My alegbra grade i think is gonna be really good this time! I have really good faith in it haha! Hopefully i can bring my C+ to an A! Im prob failing gym though hahah what else is new!

Well, my bf and i are doin alright. Friday will be our 4 month anniversary! last night we had a little disagreement but i think we're alright now...The only prob is that i dont get to see him that much cuz he calls himself a "workaholic" so he always makes sure he works at least 5-6 days a week blllaaah...well im gonna go do homework...layt!

Loooonggg Week! [02 Mar 2002|11:04am]
[ mood | happy ]

Wow! This has def. been a LONG week! Well Last saturday i went to the doctors for a physical for track and while i was there it turns out i had strep throat. Not only that but they found something wrong wit my kidneys and also while i was there i ended up fainting on the floor cuz i hadnt eatten anything all day. My sis had to come to help my mom get me home. We only live across the street from the doctor's so it wasnt even far. Fainting has to be one of the weirdest things ever! Like i was hanging on my mom and i was just like i wanna go home then im like i cant feel my leegggs...and that's when i fainted i guess...they gave me the bubble gum medicine for my strep throat...i love that stuff!

Starting monday i had cheerleading practice for tryouts this whole week and then tryouts were yesterday. My legs are dead because of practicing so much. It was worth it though since I made it.

Omg Track starts this monday! YAY!!! The doctor says i should be well enough to do it!

This whole week i've been to the doctors 4 times...YES 4 times! It sucked so much! Not only was i at the doctor's this whole week but i had to go to the hospital on monday to get blood work done. That fricken HURT lol! I took a half a day of school on monday and i got out early on friday to go to the doctor's but i went back around 130. Stupid gym teacher MADE me take gym on friday or i couldnt tryout! ahhh!

Im still in love soo much lol!! hehe! Even though i havent talk to him in 3 days but i've just been so busy lol! I'll call him today though. Well imma get goin...layt!

[23 Feb 2002|12:56am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Ahh last day for softball signups are tomorrow! Gotta sign up!!! lol! They like called my house like makin me play im like alright alright i'll play...i'm all-star softball player over here...HAHA yea i wish! My sis came home from college today so me and her are goin running after my doctor's appointment tomorrow. I have to get a physical tomorrow so i can do track. I was talking to one of my guy friends on the phone. It was so funny...i like annoyed the crap out of him. Mostly because i didnt want to talk to him in the first place so i figured if i was annoying he might just hang up on me which he did...muhahaha! I might do something Saturday night, i dunno what yet. Depends on what everyone else is doin. I feel like a loser cuz i didnt do anything tonight. One girl was callin me earlier today but i wasnt home so i couldnt talk to her to do something. Everyone went bowling tonight. Like im mad that i didnt go but at the same time im glad cause i hate bowling. I really need to start eating...there's something wrong with me. It's bad that i can go 12 hours without eating and when i actually start to eat again i wont eat all that much even though i know im hungry. It's like weird. Like im not worried about gettin fat or anything i just like cant eat anymore. Well, it baffles me. Oh well...! Wow im gonna be busy this spring and summer...lets see here...if i make it for cheering i'll have that to do and also softball and track will get in there a little bit. I LOVE spring sports! I dunno why, i just do lol. Im really trying to make it for cheering this year so im gonna like devote this whole week to practicing. My friend says a lot of people are signing up. I really dont think i have a chance but at the same time im confident enough to saying that anything is possible so ya never know. I gotta work on my cartwheels! Ohhh i havent done one of those in a while. The sucky thing is the day of try-outs im suppose to get my period which SUCKS!!!!!! lol! Like what could be worst...oh wait i know what could be worst...NOT MAKING IT! haha..oh well there would always be next year! Well im tired of typing...nighty night! P.S. I LOVE JOSH! hehe

[22 Feb 2002|07:48pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

What a day...I went to school just to go to bio and 12 min of study hall. I didnt feel good and i was just planning on not going to school but today was the last day to sign up for cheerleading so my mom let me go and she got me out at 9am. Just to sign up was a hassle i had to go to principal just to sign up cause the athletic office where u sign up was closed in the morning so she got me in so i could sign up. Tryout practices are monday! ahhh! i gotta practice my jumps! Track starts not this monday but the following...YAY!!!! I LOOVE TRACK! lol! I also gotta sign up for softball! Softball though is mmy FAVORITE sport out of everything! Most likely since i've played softball for 8 years...well im gonna find something to do...layt!

[21 Feb 2002|03:33pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Just got home from school...we went on that field trip today. It was boring. Me and my friend matched! lol! We got to make like masks for our face so we had to put like plaster on our faces and stuff. I didnt put enough vaseline on before so all the nuns had to like come over and pry the mask off my fricken hurt!!! My friend saw how much it hurt so she like loaded a whole spoonful of vaseline on her face that when the mask dried it like fell off her face when she put her head down. The food there was like wayyyyy better than our schools and they had A LOT of *CUTE* guys there!!! lol :-p Our bus driver looked like a was really funny. A couple guys told me that our bus driver got the nickname tree-humper because when he was drunk he drove his bus around and stopped on the side of the road and humped a i dont believe that but stupid guys in my grade would lol! I've like been soooo tired lately...maybe i have bf had mono but that was like back in december. I might still have a chance of getting it...hopefully not though! Well im hunnngrrrryyy...layt

[21 Feb 2002|12:17am]
[ mood | happy ]

well i cant say much cause i really need to get to bed. I talked to my sweetie tonight! he thinks i hate him because i hadnt talked to him for like 2 days but it's not my fault. He was at swim practice after school then at work so i couldnt talk to him til like 1030 which was the time that i was sleeping. oh well he get over it...i think imma get to see him tomorrow! YAY!!! what more could i ask for then a couple hours or so with my hunny! hehe
:-p well i need sleep! nighty night everyone!

[20 Feb 2002|08:02pm]
Palindrome Perfection ;-)

[20 Feb 2002|07:58pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Tomorrow im goin on a field trip so that means not goin to class yayyy!!! lol! Our school never gives us field trips that's why this field trip is for my church lol! I went into school layt today cause my mom like sleeps in EVERYDAY and never wakes me too lazy to wake myself up. Well actually my alarm clock goes off at 645 but i just go back to bed. Hopefully i'll get to talk to my bf tonight! If i dont talk to him for like a day i just constantly think about him, more than usual! Me and one of my best friends r gonna dress a like tomorrow since we're goin on the field trip im such a dork...well my comp is being queerish so i'll type some more layter.

[20 Feb 2002|12:32am]
[ mood | tired ]

Well i fell asleep while doin my homework and didnt wake up til a half n hour ago and i didnt get to talk to my boyfriend tonight :-(....he got on AIM around 1130, he sounded upset that we didnt talk tonight but i like really need to catch up on my sleep i just was so tired in school today and i felt like im gonna cut this short and just say good night....i NEED sleep!

[19 Feb 2002|04:50pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Just got home from school a little while ago....I HAVE HOMEWORK! blllahhh! I hate so lazy i end up doin it at like midnight when all i wanna do is sleeeep! I usually dont do all my homework cause i need stuff to do for my second period study hall which i usually end up sleeping in. I did fall asleep today in study hall like usual..On thursday i think i have gym...ahhh i hate gym! what a waste of a class period! lol! well im gonna find something useful to do around the house since im bored and there's nothing to do around here except stare at cars driving by! lol i'll type more later...

[18 Feb 2002|07:45pm]
[ mood | full ]

I just slept for about 3 hours until my mom comes banging on my door. AHHH she like thinks my room is like a 7-11, u can just go in and out of it 24/7!!! She's like your not gonna be able to sleep tonight...oh well, i think i'll be able to since im so flippin tired! She also made me pancakes so you know i pigged out on those! lol Well i'm gonna go and do some homework...!

[18 Feb 2002|02:34pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Whooo hooo! I slept over "someone's" house last night!!! I had sooo much fun ;-)!!! I love my bfffffffffffffff! haha :-D! I bought him his birthday present today at the mall...hopefully he'll like it! I got my christmas present from his yesterday! FINALLY!'s exactly what i wanted too! I saw crossroads last night and i didnt really like the whole movie was so predictible and the acting was so bad lol! I just got back from the mall like 45 min ago! Not much happenin there! lol Well i'm tired, i didnt get any sleep last night so i'll type more later!

[16 Feb 2002|11:03pm]
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[16 Feb 2002|11:02pm]
My love is Carson Daly!

[16 Feb 2002|10:47pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

I'm back from the dance!!!!!!! After the dance we walked from there to get some pizza! I ate like 5 pizzas! lol I was SOOOO hungry! OH IM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW! lol!! Tomorrow night im goin to the movies and sleepin over my friend's house! no school monday yayyyy! haha i need to calm down! There was like no one at this dance but i still had lotz of fun. I'm goin to see crossroads tomorrow night! I dont like britney spears but it still looks like a good movie though! ahhhh im too hyper i just cant type anymore!! I'll try and type more in a little bit layter!

[16 Feb 2002|06:19pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Well I'm going out tonight! YAY!!! Gonna get my groove on! lol...I gotta get ready real soon though cause im gettin picked up at 730 but i just wanted to type in here before i left! Ohhhh i love my sweetie!!!!! lol!! He's callin me later tonight after work...yay!!! Hopefully i'll get to see him tomorrow! I miss him so much! Well im gonna go and start to get ready! I'll type back in here after i get home!

[16 Feb 2002|01:55pm]
[ mood | calm ]

I just woke up about an hour ago! My parents arent home! THANK GOD! They get so annoying! It's so weird! Like my mom knows my every move! I swear! She's like my own personal's scary! But Anywayz, I think tonight i'm gonna go to a dance that we have at our school every Saturday night. Nothing else to do around this queer town lol! Well i'm gonna go for a little...i'll be back to write more!

[16 Feb 2002|01:28am]
[ mood | tired ]

Well i just got off the phone about an hour ago and i finally decided to write in here again. I almost forgot about what happened in french class!!! We had this substitute who is like 90 years old so like you know how thos 90 year olds she's trying to teach us our lesson for today which was about cognaits and lame stuff like that. So me and my friends we raised our hands and thought it'd be funny if we could get her to change the subject so my first friend raises her hand is like "Have you have been to france" and then my other friend was like "How long did you study there" and then another one of my friends was like "Did you like living there?" and finally i raise my hand and was like "How's it different from america" and she finally told a story!! We were dying of laughter. I guess it's one of those had to be there things lol!! Well im tired so im gonna go to bed soon...I miss my bf soooooo much!! lol Just thought i'd put that in there. It's funny cause 2 of my friends met one of his good friends earlier tonight. One of my best friends who was one of the 2 who met him was like he's sooo ugly! I told my bf and he thought it was so funny. He 3-way called him and told him what the girls thought of him. lol it was so funny! Well i'm gonna get to bed and dream about a special someone!!! nighty night!

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